COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! 앱 리뷰

Looks fun, wait it is fun !!

This game is so fun!!!!!!!! I play it on the go or in the car or even at a restourant. Best cooking game ever !!


I want the old recipes and the old version back.this is ok,but I don’t like the restaurant or whatever it is

Why I love the game

I love the game because it brings childhood memories back when I was younger and plus I will give a 5- star rating!!

I can’t get in app purchases!?

It won’t let me get my in app purchases or anything that I bought in the app.

Ads are obnoxious

I get that it’s free, and I play the game for nostalgic reasons, BUT. Upon opening the app I have to click through 5 different pop ups. I just want to cook, dangit. I don’t care about the restaurant mode. I literally just want to cook different recipes. Even within the cooking part there are constant options to watch videos for coins. Deleting because it’s just not worth the irritation ):

It’s fun if you know what you’re getting into

I like this game, a lot. It’s like the DS games to a T, maybe a little harder so it’s not for people who don’t have experience with the game. However sometimes the gameplay can be a bit liberal, I know that you can be noticeably off and it’ll give you a Perfect anyway, and sometimes it doesn’t leave your mistakes and lets you try again if you mess up. But this game is for kids younger than the target age for the previous games and new players, so it’s understandable. The restaurant mode is like diner dash without the stress, and you don’t lose points when new people can’t enter your restaurant. But yes, the restaurant is only open for a certain amount of time a day. There are other things to do but I don’t think it counts towards unlocking recipes. Speaking of that, I’ve heard that you can now unlock recipes through the restaurant mode, and the recipe packs aren’t really that expensive so I’ll be thinking about getting them eventually. Anyway, don’t let the negative reviews turn you off if you really want the game! It really is fun once you get the hang of it.

The happy resteraunt zooming

PLEASE. I AM FED UP WITH THE ZOOM. I don’t care about the cooking. I don’t care about the happy foods. I don’t care about the customers. All I care about is to SEE my resteraunt when it expands. Fix it or I’ll talk sh!t about your app and uninstall it. Thank. You.

I’m 7


Restore Purchases?? (UPDATE)

i paid for things in this app but eventually had to delete the app because i needed more storage on my phone plus i had stopped playing it as much. but i got a new phone and i redownloaded the app and there’s literally no restore purchases option??? i paid a lot of money for these packs and now i can’t restore them?? UPDATE: i figured out how to restore purchases but MY PURCHASES ARE NOT BEING RESTORED???? I PAID FOR THESE THINGS AND THEY ARE NOT SHOWING UP????

Movie’s don’t work...Need to fix some bugs

Overall the game is pretty fun...the only thing that is and about the app is that whenever I try to watch the videos, the app closes by itself...☹️.


Childish and boring

I miss the old way

Remember omletts and the old animation making coffee bring back some cooking mama classics please

Please read

I really love this game but EVERYTHING needs to be brought (real money) I wish you guys would give us a few more things to cook that we don’t need to pay real money for.


Honestly, I adore this app. I’m a little kitchen helper, so I saw this game and was attached! You can customize your own lil chef! SO FREAKIN ADORBS! The only problem was that I was confused by the wording of things. I can understand some misspelled words, but this just throws me off. The app description in the App Store seems Perfect, but in the game is was slightly understandable. You just have to read everything carefully to make sure you’re clicking on the right button. You can hire a bilingual person to translate everything properly to English. Other than that, 😍😍

Wayyyyyyy too much going on

So many pop ups, windows, ads, etc. It's frustrating how bogged down and cluttered this game is. I really wish they would simplify the menu and remove unnecessary add ons.

Your game is stupid

because your game is complicated I'm not trying to be mean but it's true💔😡


I HAD THIS GAME FOR THE DS!!!!!!!Im so excited i loved this game so much😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Mama Dojo

You need to put more time on the mama dojo mode because there is not enough time to do certain stuff I keep wasting coins because I can’t take the stubs off the 3 potatoes and it is really aggravating

Deco stamp

Everytime I try to make a deco stamp to get that achievement, it crashes. Please fix it!

Rentals-I would give y’all 5 stars but..

The game will inform me that it has hundreds of rentals available YET I will NOT see any recipes with the 24 hour rental indication. Please help. Sometimes also when I watch ads, the game sound will go out, which doesn’t bother me too much. Please fix my rentals so that I can give y’all 5 stars!


First they don't give you enough time to do anything and if you are young when you try to put the toppings on the cupcakes they don't give you enough time peer pressure and if it lands in between two cupcakes it should land on one or the other not just bounce off!!! I hate the game don't play it only played if you want to be really mad

Amazing app!

I love this app. The recipes are fun and it makes learning them fun. The recipes are fun to replicate, and they taste delicious, especially the Salisbury steak and the sushi balls.

Love this game

I love it

Really good game!!

I just disagree with the people who say “Its too easy” I MEAN OEPN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AT THE AGE RATING PEOPLE!!!!! 4+! IT SHOULD BE EASY!! Anyway, this is a very very very VERY nicely programed game, I am ten and still enjoying this, and I like how you can open your own RESTAURANT! What more could a creative kid like myself want? All and all, its a great game, and I will be playing for a long time, :3 :D

Fix it

Please fix it when i click into the app i play it for a bit and it just randomly glitches me off the game it just crashes and takes me back to the home screen so please fix it either way it would be a very cool game to play and enjoy thanks!

Persian Languag

Everything is great, but Farsi is a basic problem. The words are not complete. I and the family love this game. Please fix this Persian language problem. Good luck and always make the best of food.

Hate It

Way too hard

all about your family and all about friends

I love my friends so much and I love my family so much very very much they are the best friends and I love my family so much love them very much


This game is absolutely rigged. The touch screen will go off so you purposely loose. cooking mama.. more like evil mama who ruins your life. she also swears

Really Bad😵👎

I know games can be repetitive but this is the same thing all throughout the game and nothing changes. It is bad quality and there are numerous complaints I have to how it works. One if you mess up, you waste like 4 seconds out of like 12 if you mess up just to see the squiggly line. Two is when you mess up anything you fail and have to restart. That is not so bad but it gets pretty aggravating. Three is there is no story or point to why this game exists. Overall it is terrible and I don't recommend it. Instead just get cooking fever (no they didn't write this or tell me to).

I’m judging the carrots

All the carrots are too big. They don’t cut in a realistic way. How do you even make them into stars? Highly unrealistic. Better on the DS. On the DS you don’t cut carrots into stars. Also the papa eats the food so unrealistically. THE FOOD JUST DISAPPEARS! His mouth is like a black hole. No one decorates cupcakes like that. When I make cupcakes i slowly decorate them but on cooking mama you are just dropping them on the cupcake hoping it will fall in just the right way. You frost the cupcakes too tall and turn tables are for cakes.


Sometimes crashes, but is really addicting and fun

Cooking mama

I hate the Salisbury steak kneading in special chef because her actions are slow and they only give us 20 seconds how does she do it. I just hate it.


Man this makes me so hungry! I like food games a lot (well this is my only food game). Your game is cool btw!

CookingMama LETS COOK!

I love this game!!! I like to cook! ❤️


I love the cooking mama games on Nintendo, and this was bringing back memories! Love it!

Very good app but one problem

It’s a great app nonetheless, but for some odd reason when ever it says it needs to be updated, it will not update.

Very fun game!!

This game is so fun and it’s great!

You feel see it! Ya You!

I love this game! I was super excited for the cooking videos, but they didn't work before. Glad to see you fixed it! Thank you! I love the videos and the game is really addictive, there is always something fun to do! 5 stars!

Ehhhh too many ads among other things

The gameplay is really fun, but you have to go through 8 ads before you can even play the game. Then you only get 15 minutes A DAY of restaurant mode which is the k my way to unlock more recipes by leveling up. So you maybe have 5 dishes you can make in the mean time.

Wonderfully Nostalgic

I got this because I used to play the nintendo version. Some things pop up when you open the app. Like reminders or goals. But they're no big deal. The app does push to buy coins, but you can succeed without buying any. There are instructions to making the recipes but you have to figure it out yourself for the most part. So its a satisfying amount of challenging. I overall really recommend this game.

I love this game

I had this on my old 2ds and loved it! Im loving the app too! Very nostalgic


This app is thy most TREMENDOUS GIGANTIC BLOB OF SUCESS (in my opinion) I HAD NO IDEA AND APP COULD BE THIS AWESOME you lord of all supercalafragalisticxpalidousious apps in the nation are the supercalafragioulisticxpaludousious! Keep up the spectacular mini games and be the 1# in the nation! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your apps and hope to rule the world lol ~Olivia🍀🌈🤯 my mind has been blown ever since this app came out

ja genial me encanta cocinar y mas cuando es virtual y no me quemo

es un juego fasil y divertido tambien es vastante real tengo 10 años y puedo cocinar con mi mama le doy 4 estrellas porque le faltarían 2 cosas para ser perfecto 1 a papa le deberían poner un dialogo o voz y 2 le porfa pongan al perro no solo en los videos tambien en la cosina y a los niños y eso es todo ponganle eso y será perrrrrrrrrrfecto


Just to let you know I am a huge fan of Cooking Mama.I Adore this game!I am having no lag I'm just having fun with this game.P.S I love to cook😊

Marginal at best

I really enjoyed playing Cooking Mama on my DS as a kid, but this game stinks. You get 3 recipes for free and after that have to pay real money. Not only that, but the tasks are SO easy to complete, I didn’t fail a single recipe. Until the game is updated to be a little tougher and have more gameplay that doesn’t make me broke, I would say it’s definitely not worthwhile.

Better than mama

Better than mama

Great game

Great game



So much fun

So much fun

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