COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! 앱 리뷰


Man this makes me so hungry! I like food games a lot (well this is my only food game). Your game is cool btw!

CookingMama LETS COOK!

I love this game!!! I like to cook! ❤️


I love the cooking mama games on Nintendo, and this was bringing back memories! Love it!

Very good app but one problem

It’s a great app nonetheless, but for some odd reason when ever it says it needs to be updated, it will not update.

Very fun game!!

This game is so fun and it’s great!

You feel see it! Ya You!

I love this game! I was super excited for the cooking videos, but they didn't work before. Glad to see you fixed it! Thank you! I love the videos and the game is really addictive, there is always something fun to do! 5 stars!

Ehhhh too many ads among other things

The gameplay is really fun, but you have to go through 8 ads before you can even play the game. Then you only get 15 minutes A DAY of restaurant mode which is the k my way to unlock more recipes by leveling up. So you maybe have 5 dishes you can make in the mean time.

Wonderfully Nostalgic

I got this because I used to play the nintendo version. Some things pop up when you open the app. Like reminders or goals. But they're no big deal. The app does push to buy coins, but you can succeed without buying any. There are instructions to making the recipes but you have to figure it out yourself for the most part. So its a satisfying amount of challenging. I overall really recommend this game.

I love this game

I had this on my old 2ds and loved it! Im loving the app too! Very nostalgic


This app is thy most TREMENDOUS GIGANTIC BLOB OF SUCESS (in my opinion) I HAD NO IDEA AND APP COULD BE THIS AWESOME you lord of all supercalafragalisticxpalidousious apps in the nation are the supercalafragioulisticxpaludousious! Keep up the spectacular mini games and be the 1# in the nation! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your apps and hope to rule the world lol ~Olivia🍀🌈🤯 my mind has been blown ever since this app came out

ja genial me encanta cocinar y mas cuando es virtual y no me quemo

es un juego fasil y divertido tambien es vastante real tengo 10 años y puedo cocinar con mi mama le doy 4 estrellas porque le faltarían 2 cosas para ser perfecto 1 a papa le deberían poner un dialogo o voz y 2 le porfa pongan al perro no solo en los videos tambien en la cosina y a los niños y eso es todo ponganle eso y será perrrrrrrrrrfecto


Just to let you know I am a huge fan of Cooking Mama.I Adore this game!I am having no lag I'm just having fun with this game.P.S I love to cook😊

Marginal at best

I really enjoyed playing Cooking Mama on my DS as a kid, but this game stinks. You get 3 recipes for free and after that have to pay real money. Not only that, but the tasks are SO easy to complete, I didn’t fail a single recipe. Until the game is updated to be a little tougher and have more gameplay that doesn’t make me broke, I would say it’s definitely not worthwhile.

Better than mama

Better than mama

Great game

Great game



So much fun

So much fun


Good game BUT it's too easy


It's piece of crap and not good bro! It's too boring!

Good game

I don’t think it’s that bad for a game. But honestly I wish everything was adless and free. 😐

Has ads asking children if they like sex rough!

Family friendly app is a LIE. It hosts ads asking children if they prefer rough or soft sex!!! Stay away from these pervs!!!!!


I thought I would love this game as it has a high level of attention. But, when I tried to make the cupcake it wouldn’t take my pressure and register it as wrong. This was very annoying and influenced my gameplay which I wasn’t fond of. It also always crashed and that was also annoying. O just wish they could fix these revoking glitches so it can be the pleasant game it’s supposed to be.

Bogged down by confusing and unnecessary IAP

What started as a fun experience where I could pay for recipe packs has turned into a frustrating mess of IAP at its absolute worst, especially with the addition of ads, which should be completely removed once I buy a pack. A confusing array of too many menus and pop-ups make it really difficult to figure out whats going on. This is everything that's wrong with f2p titles IMO. If you're a fan, stick to the DS/3DS versions.

Too Easy, a 2 Year Old Can Play This

What a laughing stock. This is nothing like the original Cooking Mama. The tasks are so easily done, and Cooking Mama has the audacity to say “Mama’s impressed” when all you sauté that meat like it was no big deal. This game is not really challenging at all except the other activities like the Picture Puzzle. Ugh, don’t get me started on the constant annoying pop ups to get more coins. If I want coins I will get coins but stop nagging me. And yeah, I get your point it’s just a kids game but I like kids games and they can be pretty challenging but this game is not and isn’t really worth playing. I mean it’s kinda fun but not too fun. Would I play it everyday? No.

It’s hard

It’s hard once you get on the French fries you will have to shake the bag in time and that is impossible. For me at lease



Spend money

Seems like I have to dish out a lot of money to get a good amount of recipes. And for new gamers... this game is crazy confusing too much going on , on the screen not enough tutorials. You can do like a million things in this game

Limited time for restaurant opening?

So I just started playing I would give this game a five star but why can't we open and close our own restaurant? My restaurants been closed for 2 days. How can I open my restaurant?

So much fun!❤️🍱🍘🍞🌮🍙

So much fun to play! Love rewards and games!

Very fun

Oh so fun! But pay for packages? What are you people talking about? I got if for free! And no sound? I have sound! Awesome game! <3

Love the game!

I love the game and played it for months, I bought every package for it! However when I switched from an Android to an Apple, I can’t figure out how to restore my purchases. Can you help?

Not an app, just a trial version

You're stuck with four or five recipes, and unless you dish out twenty buck or so for packs of them, you'll be done in twenty minutes. Not to mention the touch controls are god awful in some tasks.


This game is really boring it's a little confusing and no sound

No sound

There is no sound


Cooking Mama Yaaa! Love it!

This is dumb!!!!


Great game

Best game I have ever player it deserves more than 5 stars

Easy to play

I LOVE think game so much.

best game in the entire world

i love it it's fun and great graphics!❤️❤️

Hola??? Hello???

Español- me encanta el juego, pero, siguió cerrando cuando estaba jugando así que decidí eliminar y volver a instalar el juego que funcionó salió de cerrar, pero no pude restaurar mis datos sólo podría restaurar mis compras, pero eso es lo que me gusta si los chicos implamemented una forma de restaurar todos los datos anteriores si se elimina el juego y volver a instalarlo. Gracias por tu tiempo. English- i love the game but, it kept shutting off when i was playing so i decided to delete and re install the game which worked it quit shutting off but i couldn't restore my data i only could restore my purchases but thats it id like it if you guys implamemented a way to restore all the previous data if you delete the game and re install it. thank you for your time.

Not Working

White blank screen, Sound can be heard

Better than mama!

This makes up for the times when I was little and my parents wouldn't buy me this game for my 3DS. Thank you!

Love it 😍

Any one who says that the game is bad they are So wrong because it is the best game ever


Too easy. Is a money machine for developers

⚜️👯+ chat noir=❤️😍

This app is great and very fun and easy for all ages


Such a great game, cured my depression, almost makes me feel bad that it is free when I should be throwing my money for this.

Keeps crashing

Would be great but it keeps crashing. Also WAY too many things that pop up every time you open the game.

keeps crashing

every time i go to make a meal it shuts off and exits the whole game. fix this please. other than that i like it




Really fun to play but login screen and most of the app is too cluttered with announcements and pop-ups which can be a little dizzying :/

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