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Fix bugs

Did you guys fix the annoying sound yet the cooking part where it pops out the papa request parts that’s where it’s making that annoying sound You need to fix that virus in this cooking mama because if you don,t fix it right away MARIO and Luigi will take you down town Your app is peace of crap Fix this app Did you guys fix this bug crap on this app yet

A want to add a thing

Can you add a mode well we can create are own food 😀

Best cooking game ever!

I really love how they have the Mama Dojos for the regular recipes. I wish they would add it to the combined recipes. It would give more game play and keep people interested in the game longer.

Great but

Overall it’s really good it’s similar to the Wii or the ds version the only thing is after you finish cooking you can’t level up because you can’t play papa yet even though I’ve finished 2/3 of the quests and to level up you need to feed papa so confusing but

Fix the bugs

I wasted 100 coins on the pizza and I have 2 COINS LEFT!! I hate the bugs in your game and you have to fix them! Also, I was doing a step and I failed and the screen glitched. It didn’t even let me try again! GIVE ME BACK MY 100 COINS! I hate games in where you have to wait and that is exactly what cooking mama turned into!! You have to wait to get the crops and everything! After that, I tried to get papa to eat my food to do the mission feed papa, but then the mission didn’t even work! I got check marks on random missions I didn’t even do instead of on FEED PAPA! You should fix the bugs in the next update for the next people who play your game.


I love that it’s such a fun creative game but what I love the most is that it does not drain your battery you can play it for hours before it drains to much batter amazing game!!


This game is amazing!!! But I can’t figure out how to treat Papa to a dish. Some actions are also a bit confusing.

It’s ok...

I liked it for the first few minutes but then I got bored there’s a lot of things to do but I did everything very quickly and i only got to make 3 things and you have to make them before you gat more but it takes forever! And I got bored very quick and a 4 will problem like this game but I’m nine and I’m not really in to this game so I think 5 and lower or six years olds would like this but not really me like I said it’s cause I’m nine so I’d give this game about 1 or 2 stars :/

Not happy

I’m not happy with this game because I purchased a few of the foods for 0.99 and a few days later my card was charged 28 dollars. Apparently some people actually hacked the cooking mama game, stole my credit card info and then they purchased a bunch of stuff from McDonald’s. I will never play this game again and I will definitely be contacting cooking mama for my money back. I have actually emailed that exact email before and I got no response.

Great game, love it.

I love this game, but understand that not every game is perfecto. I have some suggestion to make it perfect. First up, the time for cooking mama is too fast (sometimes). Make it slower for those who aren’t-to-good. Aka. Noob. Aka. Me. Second of all, the “happy foods” is so hard to get! Maybe you should give some happy foods every week? I usually make a super long review but there’s nothing to write about, since this game is AMAZING! To be honest, this review is not for everyone. It’s only for those people who aren’t good at it. Like me. So overall 5 stars!


This game has really grabbed my attention and is really fun. A lot of people have been saying that it is terrible because you only start with 3 recipes, but, you have to keep playing if you want more! I currently have 5, and I’ve only been playing for less than a week. And to people saying the app is too forgiving, it actually can get hard sometimes to finish in time, so really it isn’t! Also, the mini games may seem useless, but they’re fun and the next day they give you coins and a happy food. This game is absolutely amazing and I really enjoy it.


This game is probably the best game I’ve ever played there were no glitches it actually felt like you were really cooking they added a ton of fun stuff and you even get to design CookingMama there was great quality in this game and I totally recommend getting it!!!! This deserves 5 Stars and I wouldn’t make any changes!!! 🙂

its ok..

But its not grand at all .. kinda glad I have a DS I managed to get a copy of cooking mama there and that is way better & cheaper then this game. I do like the item campaign feature to get something free is interesting. . The amount of content is staggering but the quailty is lacking.. the Mini games (or whatever they are) are terrible & boring .. Most the Content is locked behind a paywall would be nice to have a one time app no ads all unlocked. The cooking aspect is ok vetarn skilling is like hard mode & is almost impossible to gain 3 stars in some things. ✅ Plays Offline ⭕️ Freemium ⭕️ Ad Happy ⭕️ Most the Stuff is locked behind a paywall ⭕️ PRICE its more expensive then going & finding a copy of Cooking mama on DS ! Given they keep adding things! ⭕️ Mini games are dull boring not worth wasting coins on..

Not what I was hoping for

When I was younger, I played cooking Mama on the DS and it was one of my favorite games. So, when this app was released I was so excited. But in the end, I was disappointed. It’s not like the DS game. You start out with THREE recipes. THREE! In the real game you have all the recipes from the start. In the DS game, it mainly focuses on cooking but there are still some other aspects. Whereas in this you have to cook, unlock new recipes, build your restaurant, etc. I simply wish it was more like the actual game.

Fun but confusing

This game is really fun! However, I don’t understand some of the buttons and a tutorial would’ve been helpful, or maybe a help menu. Also, I can’t complete my stamp rally because there’s a green box with Mama on it that can’t be checked off for some reason, and whenever I click it, it leads me to the home screen. Kinda bothered by this because the stamp icon keeps flashing and being annoying but I can’t complete it.

n o s t a l g i c

If you think this game is bad, You’re a bad person.

It is so fun

I love this Game it is so fun and I love to cook and it has so many fun games I stay up all night playing this game

What is Mama saying?

I love it, the only problem is that I can’t understand what Mama says when you finish something. I found out what she said but I’m not even sure if it’s correct. Can you make it a bit easier to understand Mama? I know it’s not that important so it’s just a suggestion. Thank you!

Ruined by frustrating f2p experience

I’ve been a big fan of Cooking Mama since the original, and its disappointing that I can’t play it on my phone without it being bogged down by a million pointless minigames and microtransaction elements. This is an example of poor planning meant to try and squeeze money out of players any way that it can, to the point that it is now bloated and thick with nearly impossible to navigate menus. Ugly.

Good but... something.

Overall, this is a very fun and great game! But there are some things. It might sound like I’m very greedy, but nearly all of the recipes cost at least one dollar. I’m saying this cause my parents don’t let me spend money.

It’s fun, but the time goes too fast.

What do you expect for little children to do if the timer is too fast? You should at least slow it down. I would consider this game messed up if all I get is 2 stars on kneading the meat for the steak.

Love it

I love this game but every 5 mints it will freeze and then it will start bebing don’t get this game


Am i the only one that remembers playing cooking mama and loving it? well i don’t like it now it’s too easy and on the wii if i messed up she would yell in my face and i thought that it made it more fun. CHANGE IT BACK!!!


I thought the game would be more fun than it is. There's a lot of adds.

Did Mama dirty

Who does she think she is nowadays? Ads everywhere, you have to buy everything, confusing layout. I just want to cook. Also mama is too nice in this version of the game. I did awful and she gave me three stars. Get yourself together

Good but

This game is really fun. But u only start with 3 recipes and you have to pay to unlock more or play the game every day(well something like that).

so awesome

So I use to play this game a lot on the DS I love it so much like I will always play it but then my DS broke and a couldn’t be fix so I lost the game and I was so sad but now they created the game on the phone so now I can play it

Blah balanced

BEST game IN WORD HEEHEE hewo byeeeee wuv game


It’s really fun you have to get it you can cook and buy recipes and clothes

I love it

As I was growing up me and my cousins would always play it until we all forgot about and got new phones.Today we were all at a party and we remembered it so I know most of us downloaded, well at least I know I did. Then we all started playing it for about an hour and a half. Then I came Bach to the App Store to write a review about how much I love this game and rate it.

Was not that great

As I was playing I got super frustrated that I wanted to throw my phone. Now normally when you play a game that is not sopost to happen.

Fun but easy

The game is too easy and I recommend this game to babies 👶 it’s sad

:3 I ❤️ cooking now!!!

At first I thought it was going to just be cooking recipes but no! Fishing is my favorite game on this app. I even tried to get more happy veggies or fruit to make more recipes!!!! This game is the best!!!! 🤩 Best part is it works without WiFi 📱


so great used to play this all the time on my DS it’s still the best. they need the gardening one too tho!! aight c ya

Trash game

Boo i hate this game it is the worst

It's OKAY,don't recommend

it's an okay game but wouldn't recommend it to older kids.i used to like it....when I was 8


Does not let me feed papa dishes

Not very user friendly

After about 4 minutes of attempting to find some sort of options button so that I could turn off the stupid music without success I deleted the app.

You should get this app

Game is great and it brings back nostalgia and it’s just awesome. The in app purchases are cheap. All in all it’s a good game that you should get.


Bugs really annoying! In the middle of cooking suddenly it stops and runs everything you got there!


this is a greasy, delectable game. it butters my egg roll just right! i love how the knife smoothly cuts the bright white rice to mix in with other foods. mmm... delicious!

Love it

I love this app it’s one of my fave


I think that is game is nothing like the original cooking mama so I don't think that you should download this game

It is a nice game, but the mamas dojo needs to give more time for levels

They seriously need to fix the mamas dojo. You can be doing something as fast as you can, but it still says nope


It’s awesome just make some of the packs free cause I don’t want to have to pay for my daughter to be able cook anything

Good game but......

When I played it I thought it would be fun because I played it before it was fine and when I went in the game it crashed I go in again it crashes again I keep trying but it didn’t work so I deleted it buy it again goin and none of my data is there I only can restore my purchases so please make a way to restore your past data I rate it four stars!!!!

Good game

I really like it. It’s fun, you get new recipes, and if you’re bored it can be entertaining. The reason I give it 3 Stars is because it has a camera in the restaurant and I don’t know if that’s dangerous. So for parents or players, please be aware. Like my mother says, you never know what nut is on the other side.


Cooking mama is such a great experience for the entire family, mama told me that if I️ downloaded this game maybe I️ wouldn’t be a complete failure when I️ grew up



An Abundance of Ads for little reward.

Ads,Ads,Ads... I understand it's free but, other games are better at making an ad feel worth the watch for the reward. In this game, you feel obligated to watch if you want to be able to do anything worthwhile. Sometimes the Ads will not let you escape for the reward or will kill the sound in your main game forcing a reboot if you want to hear it again. Even when the in game sound goes silent, the ad sounds work seamlessly. Some of the game modes are tedious and boring like farming and operating the restaurant. Most other tasks are pretty mediocre. My time did not feel well spent on this game. The DS games are a more rewarding experience by far.

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