COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! App Reviews

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Lost game

I love this game I havent played this game in 4 or 5 years

Love it.

I love this game so much. I loved playing it on my DS and since I sold my DS I was waiting for it to be available for the iPhone. My prayers have been heard.

Bugs fixed

Its the real one

Just because not a lot of people put reviews doesnt mean its bad :)

This game is just... LOL

Its a fun game

Its okay but...

I enjoy playing the game but I do NOT want to spend $4.59 on additional recipes! Add more FREE recipes, please! Also, I tried to purchase additional recipes but it said on my screen that it costs more than $4.59 even though it CLEARLY and BOLDY says that additional recipes are ONLY $4.59. So please, add more free recipes because nobody wants to purchase them for $4.59 and have to pay more than the actual amount.

Game Is Horrible, And Ruined Cooking Mama.

This so called "game" was horribly made and not even a little effort was made into it, and here is why. -Have to pay $18 to get all recipes -Horrible Graphics -Little Features -Earning recipes is very hard -When food is being eaten its just lazy munches -When making food the games are no fun -All recipes have the same number of making it -Just Flat out boring This game is just so bad i want to give it 0 stars and I really love cooking mama.


This is just so awesome!

Mixed feelings

When i saw that this game was available for ipad and iphone, i got very excited. I remember playing this on my nintendo DS as a child and i loved it! I had been looking for very interactive games to try out and i remembered cooking mama and decided to try my luck. When i started playing i loved how interactive it was even though im playing on my ipad! But i then realized that getting new recipes was terribly difficult. So in conclusion, love how interactive it is but wish recipes came easier.

Better than mama!

Its pretty fun but it definitely needs more free recipes!!

New recipes

I dont understand. I cant have new recipes even if I play every day its sad because, before update I can have a new recipe per week

Too much money

For every new recipe you have to pay $2 like Way to expensive!

To Long

It takes way to Long to load!!!!!!?

App doesnt load

The app wont even work for me wtf, and I have a 6s

Was good

Was really good until the up date I cant see anything but white screen upon opening app it only does version number in comer as the music plays... Please fix because I wanted to get my 7 day login bonus today for a free recipe

Doesnt work for iOS8!

Please fix!


Djent yee

No more daily login perks

Is the daily login to get free recipe no longer an option? Please bring it back its very uncool. It just looks like Im stuck in the same interface with papas request all the time


This game doesnt make sense. They only offer you 3 free recipes and them you need to pay for the next one!


Its awesome but freezes a lot :(

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