COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! App Reviews

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"20 million downloads"

with only 15 reviews??


this game is gr9!1!1

Absolutely terrible game! So sexist! Wake up people!

This game is just awful! Are you kidding me? "Fulfill Papas requests"? When are we going to realize that women arent servants!?! Welcome to the 21st Century! Time to wake up!

FUN but...

Fun and WIERD, but you have to pay for most recipes

Nothing like Cooking Mama series

I never write reviews, but with this game I felt I needed too. This game sucked. So many things wrong with it. Ive been playing it for 2 weeks and I have only 4 recipes and Ive been doing them over and over and get 100 each time and nothing has changed. I would NOT recommend this game, if you are looking for the real cooking mama, buy the game for an Nintendo. But this mobile game is completely trash

Thank you !!!

Thank you so much I really like the game ! Even our kids now can understand everything in the game with arabic, thank you !!! ☺️

I love this game but..

I used to play this on my ds when I was a kid and now its on my phone which is great but most of the recipes you have to buy. They need to change that.

Good but...

I hate that you have to pay for most of the recipes. Change that please.

Amazing Update!

They really did a good job with this update. The game isnt slow as it was before and there is a lot more recipes and prizes you can win in this game. A truly entertaining game, I hope they keep making more updates like this!

Great game

As a fan of the nintendo series, I have to say I really enjoy this app! Yes, there are in app purchases you have to make if you want to keep playing but therye at a reasonable price. The only thing I would like would be, a "food pack" you can buy that has dishes from around the world.


I absolutely adore the Cooking Mama series, and this incarnation is one of the best. At its core, the gameplay is a collection of very simple mini-games, but the completely original art style and charming presentation are what make it a memorable experience and will keep you coming back. Yes, the recipe packs are an in-app purchase, but you can get the entirety of the games content for less than youd pay for the full game on other consoles. The developers continue to add new content too, and overall the quality of this package is top-notch!

Addicting + Fun

This game is so addicting! Its also really fun because I love cooking!

Amazing but...

This game is really fun but there is mostly recipes that you need to pay for with real money not the game kind I hope they will change it real soon because then the game could be a whole lot better

Good but...

The game is amazing but theres a glitch that whenever you combine food it always gives you two hearts instead of 3 when tasting even though you got a perfect score. Please fix this glitch.


Its awesome but freezes a lot :(

Love it

I love this game when papa eats it is so funny

Better than ever

Just like my childhood favorite DS version, but better. Some original characteristics are still there which I really appreciate. I love you the game doesnt seem to lure you into mandatory payments just to progress through it. Im still loving it like I did before. Ty for bringing this to the AppStore!


I love the game,good quality and I love cooking for The Papa and Mama.The only problem I encountered is the sound,When I entered the game,the sound wasnt working,and didnt work at all.I tried re downloading the game,but the sound still doesnt work.

Not good

When I try to play this game it loads soooooo slow . Im playing on a iPhone 4 i hope the makers can fix this.

Love it

But I wish u can unlock all foods free

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